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Because children are our future...
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There comes a day when we all say goodbye to a loved one and unfortunately I said goodbye to my angel, my mother this past Sunday. I've been filled with waves of emotion the last few months as my family watched my mom slowly lose her fight to cancer. My mom was a true matriarch, the rock to our family, a great wife to my dad and the best mom her two boys could ask for. I've had a lot of time to reflect on the memories and the life my mom gave me. I am truly blessed to have been loved so deeply by her. All I ever wanted to do in life was make her proud of me and I know she was proud of my brother and I. She was proud of the men we became, the fathers we became. I was by my mom's side for her last breaths, holding her hand and telling her I love her and I know she could hear me. She told us we would be ok, she told us we were strong and to stay together. She wasn't scared to go, she was ready.

In loving memory of Linda Leinart
The strength of the Leinart Family

My heart is broken and I know the pain will never go away but I find peace in knowing she's not suffering anymore and I find peace in knowing she gave us a foundation of family, life and love that will allow us to move forward and honor her every step of the way. My mom worked at a school for special needs children for over 20 years and it was truly a passion of hers, to give back and help in anyway. In an effort to honor her we are asking our friends and families to make a donation to the Orange County Special Olympics. We know nothing would make her happier than to make a difference in her memory. You can visit her page in the link in my bio. Every day it's a struggle to wake up, I miss my mom every second of every day but I know that just means we had a love so deep that will never go away. I have no regrets with my mom. She was the best mom, best Mimi. She will never be forgotten, she will live on in our family's lives and I will always continue to honor and make her proud. I love you mom and I miss you so so much!

OC Special Olympics Donation in Memory of Linda Leinart

Thanks to our friends, family and even complete strangers for helping make last night's OC Special Olympics event truly special. With your generous donations we were able to present a check for 11k to the OC Special Olympics. My mom really loved this organization and I know she would be so proud. To all the Olympians out there, continue to be brave and inspire. We love you!

Our Mission

The Matt Leinart Foundation is committed to granting resources and opportunities to support disadvantaged youths to build character development and help each child maximize academic and personal achievement.  We believe that all students will learn and achieve at high levels when given the opportunity. Our mission is to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and character strengths they need to seize those opportunities. 

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